On Tuesday July 19th Over Datum Eetclub kicked off a series of weekly dinner parties. Every Tuesday (until the end of August) Over Datum Eetclub (Expiration Date Dinner Club) serves the most delicious delicacies from Mediamatic’s soup kitchen.

These dinners represent the resistance against the demonization of expired, albeit irresistibly good, food, an act of rebellion against wasting food, and a wake-up call to all those who anxiously cling to expiration dates. Until a few days after the expiration date on the packaging, food is often safe for consumption.

All the dinners are based on fruits, veggies, and herbs rescued from their impending doom in the trash bins and landfills of Amsterdam.

Eating expired food and fishing through dumpsters is a personal act of resistance against the massive amount of good food irresponsibly wasted every year.

The dinners are free, but depending on who is cooking, you will be asked to help cut or stir or bring at least one of the ingredients on the chef’s grocery list.


Join the dinner and visit the website for other information!



Posted on 29 July 2011 and filed under Uncategorized