Urban Design Proposals for 3D City Farms


Image from weburbanist.com

One man’s vision has sparked a series of designs leading closer and closer to what will
be the first real-life vertical urban farm in Las Vegas, thumb Nevada of all places.
Here are some of the architectural designs for sustainable urban farm towers that have the potential to
revolutionize agriculture as we know it.

Given that most urban cores are already densely built, physician one designer has proposed an
auxiliary series of structures to be attached to existing structures in downtown areas.
These modular constructions would provide garden and recreation spaces for residents
as well as light and air filters for the adjacent buildings.

The Pacific Northwest regional architecture firm Mithun developed a vertical farm
building design to incorporate various green building in downtown Seattle. The
structure is designed as a kind of built organism–self-sufficient and adaptive to its
surroundings. The project uses rain water to achieve water and energy self-sufficiency. It will also incorporate
gray water collection and reuse, solar cells…

Architect Gordon Graff has designed a sky farm with 48 floors and millions of square
feet of floor space. This building, if constructed, will be able to feed tens of thousands
of people per year.

No one is quite sure what will happen with skyscraper farms in the near future, but
everyone seems interested in designing one. These buildings could give an entirely new meaning
to locally grown food but are also fraught with controversy.
It seems like every week a new cutting-edge green technological innovation revolutionizes urban space. Some of these are soon to be reality, but many may never see the
light of day and will remain projects of imagination.

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