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Foodscape Schilderswijk project

The project has been initiated by Urbaniahoeve in collaboration with Stroom DenHaag.
URBANIAHOEVE is a Social Design Lab for Urban Agriculture which has been producing
foodscape infrastructure since 2010.

URBANIAHOEVE is a project working on the development of a real edible city. It
initiates, shop coordinates and programs structural forms of urban agriculture in Den Haag, for sale
Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

They develop new models for the public space that benefit urban food production.
Specifically, this means implementing a spatially contiguous planting scenario in which
facilities, (educational) activities, and platforms for (food-related) cultural content are
connected to a diversity of edible landscape architecture.
Their aims is to develop a visual language that integrates urban food production into
our public space and the re-adaptation of the urban environment to grow food and to create learning opportunities. For this reason the project should work best at the
neighbourhood level.

For other information check the website!

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