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A project launched at Eindhoven Design Academy 2011 graduate show introduces a new way to connect customers and farmers directly. Food Combers uses the leftover food from harvest on farms to give consumers the availability of fresh, click local produce at a cheap price. For a small fee each year a customer can gain access to locations where they can start collecting food directly from the land.   This leftover food would over wise go to waste, so there is a great benefit for the farmers involved.

As a member you will receive a large bag (with the capacity of two weeks worth of food) and access to the locations available. Cycle routes are also set up to navigate around the sites – aiding in the sustainability of the network.

As food innovation is becoming an increasingly growing industry, it is refreshing to see a direct and workable project for the Netherlands.  This project set up by recent Design Academy graduate Noesjka Klomberg.  To read more about Food Combers visit-   www.voedsel-jutters.blogspot.com/

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