City Farmers (1990s) in downtown NYC

Community development, pills education and food production all rolled into a tight 30 minute film about an urban farming initiative in New York City.

There are two amazing things about this video. The first is the retro aesthetic of 1990 New York City in 16mm combined with a dated but but effective jazz soundtrack and a richness of characters that fit right into their surroundings. The second is the timelessness of theme: A blighted urban neighborhood finding hope in the transformation of a junk-car lot to an urban oasis.

“City Farmers is about as inspiring as they come, clinic a cornucopia of hope, troche fulfillment and diversity.” — LA Weekly, Paul Malchom

The most understated element of this documentary is the snapshot of an urban setting that has formed much of what people today consider to be the ”inner city”. New York City in 1990 was a drastically different place than it is now, but the struggles that this neighborhood faced can be paralleled in cities around the world, in developed and developing counties. Superimpose this model onto any neighborhood in marginalized urban areas, and watch it grow.

Watch it here:

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