POP UP FARM grows and blossoms!

The very sunny period followed by some cool and rainy days were the best ingredient for our plants on the POP UP FARM to grow and blossom.

Radishes in the vertical farm coming up!

The front-garden with in the tires the pisum sativum (peas) in blossom with beautiful purple flowers.
Last Friday was one of the first free working days on the POP UP FARM.
It is a relative quiet phase of the garden, and everything is planted and the plants are just busy growing. But there is always something to do!

To give the plants more space to grow, we thinned out and transplanted the seedlings of the lettuce and basil at the vertical garden.

We did the same at the ruccola-bed on the table-garden, and had the removed sprouts for lunch!

Some support from wooden sticks for the cherry-tomatoes.

To encourage our cherrytomatoes to grow, we cut away the small side-shoots. This avoids the plant from growing to large, which could bother the tomato-fruits in their growth.

Vertical Tomato and Pepper-wall!

Saying hi to the baby strawberries at the strawberry dog

Idea for the Cabbages: inspiration from fellow Urban Farmers from the Prinzesinnengärten in Berlin (see

Picture from the book Prinzesinnengärten (2012) Anders gartnen in der stadt: p. 122. Berlin: Dumont

In the (recycled) jute-bags you can grow vegetables such as cabbages, like brocolli or culiflower. Also vegetables that like to climb, such as the cucumber do very well in those bags. They can stand on any place, the material breaths, they are practical to bring to your garden and have enough space for the roots of your crops.
NEXT WEEK: On Friday 8th of June we have another free working day on the POP UP FARM. From 14u-16u in the Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam-Noord, and free entrance. Subscribe via
We will probably work on an imaginative new home for the cabbages, such as  bags. It will be a great opportunity for those who like to get involved  with growing in second hand jute-bags.
Hope to see you next Friday!

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