Eats, Shoots & Roots

Kuala Lumpur, medicine Malaysia
Shao-Lyn Low
Eats, view Shoots & Roots




The project has been initiated by an independent group. In brief, buy Shao-Lyn Low has been practising Graphic Design for over 8 years. A few years after completing her MA in Graphic Design from the University of the Creative Arts, UK, she discovered Embun Pagi, the first permaculture training center in Malaysia and was awestruck by how little she knew about cultivating her own food, and our level of dependency on others for basic necessities. She has since launched into a mission to learn more, through joining up with Sabina and Juergen to help to create Eats, Shoots & Roots..
The project “Eats, Shoots & Roots” is developed by Shao-Lyn Low with less than 10 people, of which less than 50% are volunteers.

The project takes shape at the neighborhood level, especially in/on just a small house surrounded by some yard

The project is focused on the development of community-based programmes and the co-creation of food activities. At the moment, we work with local, international
In particular, we concentrate on education for adults, community gardens and neighbourhood activities, growing food using permaculture and organic growing techniques.

In the development of the project, we encountered implementation problems, such as lack of money. Unfortunately, we are still coping with the problem. We managed to establish a good relationship with the institutions, securing political support. While setting up and developing the project, with regard to regulatory barriers, we found that problems to define an appropriate agreement with the land owner. From the economic point of view, the project is mostly not sustainable. In particular, we benefit from private funds, such as personal finance. In order to develop, we will need funding, people/resources.

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