POP UP FARM visits Jair’s Urban Garden

In the North of Amsterdam, urban farmer, Jair Schalkwijk, works on his beautiful allotment garden. With three friends, he does some serious food-growing on his plot. On Friday the 15th of June, Jair showed the participants from the POP UP FARM workshop series around his blossoming garden.

Around eight months of the year, Jair and his girlfriend can sustain themselves from the garden’s harvest. How do they do this? First of all, you need a great deal of enthusiasm. Some of the other essentials: Regular garden visits (many days of the week!), growing seedlings in a green-house (DIY from old windows), a huge compost-heap, horse-manure from the neighboring riding school, raised beds, crop-rotation, attracting bees by growing many flowers around the plot and keeping birds away with nets…

Among the large variety of crops the four farmers are growing here are:  rhubarb, herbs, peas, cabbages, different kinds of beans, many lettuce varieties, potatoes, tomatoes and even cumin.

Jair, thanks a lot for showing us around in your garden, we learned a lot from it. And, thank you Serena for taking such beautiful pictures!


Chinese cabbage surrounded by nasturtium..

Chinese cabbage surrounded by nasturtium..


sugar snaps


Spring onions ready to harvest

Fresh spring-onions and the beautiful green-house, made from old windows..

Red-flowered Nasturtium attracting the bees


Growing tomatoes in bags with gardensoil works really well!

Huge fava beans almost ready to eat





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