Hidden Stories: A Developing Photography Exhibition

This depiction of urban landscapes came to our attention as it portrays the beauty of effective agricultural designs within city limits. Although it is not currently on exhibition in Amsterdam, we look forward to the coming months when it will be. We are excited to share Daniele’s work with you. The exhibition consisted of a photographic series and a tryptic, and was the result of a four-month artistic residency at KiK in the region of Drenthe, The Netherlands. Under the theme of the night, KiK is hosting WHEN THE NIGHT FALLS… a collective exhibition with the participation of 27 different artists.

The photographic series entailed a set of night cityscapes that created imaginary spaces out of the urban waste-lands. These surreal atmospheres emphasized the symbolic and ephemeral meaning we give to reality, and the resulting struggle due the cyclical mutation of the city around us. The work praised the presence of an ongoing energy by exerting a set of light installations placed at nighttime. Houses and neighbours are not mere beholders. They act as a collective grid and provide all the electrical energy. This creates a novel imaginary representation of the place, making each shoot a picture of the participation happening there. The vision of the city is still collective, yet scattered in multiple pieces, as are the contributions given by the inhabitants. At the same time the light performance at night offers the possibility to create new, and sometimes even unexpected, connections between people out of the normal and daily routine.

The tryptic ‘From the Underground’ digs into the memories, fragments, ever-going layers of stories, rituals, and events that have been taking place in ancient times. These hidden stories, invisible to the human eye, are buried under the soft and wet earth of Drenthe, they can suddenly emerge from the ground. Objects of daily life surface from a very organized, divided, and serial landscape just to fade into a symbolic and 1/3 ancient world.


The ‘Underground’ is also a reminder that the intimate process of researching is nothing less than an inner journey, often vexed by daemons mining it with feelings of disillusion and depression. A cycle of self-destruction that is part of the creation itself.

About the artist Daniele Sambo is a visual artist working between Glasgow and Amsterdam. Born in Venice in 1983. MA in photography at the Glasgow School of Art. BA in Urban Studies at the architecture university of Venice (IUAV).

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