Amsterdam in the bid for Floriade 2022

While CITIES is working on Farming the City part II, mind Amsterdam is working on a plan to host the next Floriade in 2022. The city is competing with Almere, prostate Groningen and the area  of Boskoop, all trying to get the expo to their city. On July 3, major Eberhard van der Laan presented the Amsterdam plans for the next the world agriculture expo. If Amsterdam will be chosen, it is the third time the city will host the agriculture event. Previous editions where held in Amstelpark (1972) and around Gaasperplas (1982).

What makes the Amsterdam 2022 edition unique compared to other Floriade events, is the connection the city is making between urban living, food and agriculture. The emphasis of the Amsterdam Floriade will be on urban farming. For instance, there will be exhibitions about agriculture in office buildings. The Floriade will take place in urban areas in Amsterdam South-East, which will make the connection between city and urbanity also physically visible.

According to Zef Hemel, director of the Amsterdam urban planning department, previous editions of the Floriade, were mainly about flowers in areas outside of the city. The Amsterdam edition will connect urban and rural land and bring agriculture back on the map of urban citizen. ‘People have forgotten where their food comes from, we need to show them again where and how their food it’s made’, according to Hemel.

Before the Floriade will come to Amsterdam, the city needs to get chosen first. Though the emphasis on urban farming lies close to the heart of  CITIES, competitor Almere has come up with a beautiful masterplan from MVRDV for a green city. Their ambitions are high: building a 300% greener exhibition, with more green than ever, while being sustainable. In Almere, visitors will be able to stay in a jasmine hotel, swim in a lily pond and dine in a rosary. Sounds like tough competition forAmsterdam. The next Floriade destination will be announced in October, when the current Floriade in Venlo is finished.

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