Cidades Sem Fome

Sao Paulo, Brazil
Hans Dieter Temp
Cidades Sem Fome



The project has been initiated by an independent group. In brief, Hans Dieter Temp started the NGO “Cidades sem Fome” in April 2004, and is the coordinator of the organisation since then. Based in derelict plots under high-voltage power cables or on top of underground oil/gas pipelines, there are now 21 separate ‘urban farms’ operating in the poor eastern side of Sao Paulo. Local families from underprivileged neighbourhoods take care of small plots within the gardens, use what they need, and sell their surplus to the local community to generate a small income.
The project “Cidades Sem Fome” is developed by Hans Dieter Temp with more than 50 people, all of whom are volunteers.

The project takes shape at the neighborhood level, especially in allotment gardens, empty buildings or spaces

The project is focused on the development of community-based programmes and the co-creation of food activities. At the moment, we work with local, socially disadvantaged groups. In particular, we concentrate on community kitchen, education for children, community gardens and neighbourhood activities, growing food using traditional growing techniques.

In the development of the project, we encountered implementation problems, such as lack of time, lack of money, lack of facilities.
Unfortunately, we are still coping with the problem. We did not secure political support.
During the implementation, we did not face any regulatory barriers.
From the economic point of view, the project is mostly sustainable. In particular, we benefit from private funds, such as sponsorship, charity.
In order to develop, we will need funding, people/resources, management, maintentance, new technologies and improved visibility.

In conclusion, this project has grown to 21 gardens in the space of 8 years and provides jobs, income and healthy locally grown food to some of the poorest communities in Eastern Sao Paulo. With more financial resources, management skills and all round support this project could still grow tremendously, within Sao Paulo and other large Brazilian cities. Your generosity, in terms of donations, other funding such as scientific grants, sharing of best practices, or simply ‘spreading the message’, are very much appreciated!

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