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September 2012 we had our launch of our new hallmark initiative VOEDSELLOGICA at Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam-Noord!

VOEDSELLOGICA (or in English FOODLOGICA), medicine has been developed after a long period of research into food systems and the innovative potential of using local food as a tool for urban development. The project seeks to create new urban transportation standards for the distribution of local food in Amsterdam.

We do this by refining local food logistics, ask working with non-polluting transport companies and thereby creating a network of zero-emission vehicles to bring local produce into the city. At the launch we showed our short documentary FOODLOGICA and there were two inspirational talks from local producers, ampoule who already organized their logistics with non-polluting transport companies. Ultimately, we’re also screened ‘The Lunchbox Miracle’, which portrayed the Dabbawalas’ unique food logistics in Mumbai, India.

For more information about our FOODLOGICA you can check:

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