De Tostifabriek

Iren Winterkorn
De Tostifabriek

The project has been initiated by a public organization
In brief, As cook and foodlover, I am in daily contact with a wide variety of products, and discovering everything there is to know about food feels both like a duty and a passion. However, being raised in an environment where food appears mysteriously on my plate, I could say I am a naive city boy. I intend to uncover the mystery. In this project I will visualize the relationship between city folk and their food. By returning the natural process to the city and making it transparent, I want to strengthen the bond between the two. What began as a question concerning what I had to do to really make my own toasti, ended up as a mission. I will undergo every step in the process myself and will spend the next 7 months producing the three main ingredients: bread, ham and cheese..
The project “De Tostifabriek” is developed by Iren Winterkorn with less than 10 people, of which all of them being volunteers.

The project takes shape in multiple locations of the city such as empty buildings or spaces, outside next to mediamatic fabriek.

The project is already commercially established, focusing on the production of meat/poultry/dairy, ham, cheese and bread.
We usually use organic as growing technique(s) and we distribute our products consumers buy the product in loco.

We did not secure political support.
While setting up and developing the project, with regard to regulatory barriers, we found that .
From the economic point of view, the project is not sustainable.
In order to develop, we will need funding.

In conclusion, The installation: The tosti factory will be made of three alining spaces. All three processes have to be shown simultaneously. Surface: there will be 50m2 to process the wheat. 25m2 for a barn to raise one piglet. I will need a small production space of 10m2 to produce the cheese. Additional information: While the wheat grows and the piglet gains weight, I will begin a monthly production of cheese creating a total of 6 different cheeses, each with a differing maturity and flavour. As pigs are social creatures, our piglet will have a playing buddy which won’t be used for ham production. We will butcher the piglet so that we have different types of ham. All of the above mentioned processes will take place in the tosti factory, apart from the butchering, as this needs to be done in the abattoir.


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