CITOPIA is a film-related initiative that we have been developing since 2010: essentially an event in which an identified group is invited to enjoy screenings in a location that can be considered representative of the film’s content. The magic of this initiative is that it allows the viewers to develop a personal awareness about the film’s theme. Following the screening, CITIES moderates a debate between invited guests and the public.

Thanks to our collaboration with Volle Band, we are able to screen movies in unusual locations for those interested in understanding the distorted reality produced by the current food system. In summer 2012, we focused on food-related screenings as part of the second phase of FARMING THE CITY, supported by Stichting DOEN


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On a warm summer night, in a rich organic community garden located in the middle of Zuidas’s tall glass buildings we screened our first CITOPIA FOOD MOVIE, King Corn. King Corn represents an in-depth investigation of America’s corn industry and how this one product influences a vast number of products and people. Although the Netherlands doesn’t produce mono-cropped corn, we are of the conviction that the struggles and stories that the movie depicts can be applied to the Dutch food system. Before the screening took place and while we were waiting for the sun to go down, Ellen Mookhoek, the founder of ‘De Brede Moestuin’, offered a guided tour through the community garden. Here she gave the participants a thorough explanation about the garden. For example, her motives for creating the community garden, what kind of vegetables they grow, how it’s taken care by volunteers and how most of the harvest is being sold to the restaurant Bolenius, which is located near by.





Sunday the 26th of August we screened our second CITOPIA FOOD MOVIE: Waste Land in the beautiful old Central Market Hall. Thanks to the Food Center Amsterdam, we were able to screen the movie Waste Land in the beautiful old Central Market Hall. Waste Land is an award-winning documentary that highlights the transformative power of art and the beauty of the human spirit. Set in Jardim Gramacho, the world’s largest landfill on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro the film looks at the catadores, pickers of recyclable materials, who live and work in the garbage.


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The 9th of September, in the secret garden of Tolhuistuin, we screened our third CITOPIA FOOD MOVIE: The lunchbox Miracle.

Right after the AMSTERDAM OOGST, September 9th, we invited people to gather in Tolhuistuin’s garden tent to watch our third CITOPIA FOOD MOVIE: ‘The Lunchbox Miracle’. The Lunchbox Miracle is a beautiful documentary that examines the way the Dabbawallas (the term for people who deliver the thousands of lunches across Mumbai each day) transport food from the suburban areas where the food is prepared and into the city center where the food is then consumed. The Dabbawallas has a unique way of distributing food because they use bicycles and the occasional train, which create a zero-emission food exchange cycle.

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