The concept of Eco Mobility deserves a platform for discussion and the creation of a new vocabulary to support innovative forms of urban life, the Eco Mobility Congress will reveal more than we can expect

From the Congress’ website:

EcoMobility is travel through integrated, socially inclusive, and environmentally-friendly transport options, including and integrating walking, cycling, wheeling, and passenging. By enabling citizens and organizations to access goods, services, and information in a sustainable manner, EcoMobility supports citizens’ quality of life, increases travel choices, and promotes social cohesion. EcoMobility is environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive.

The concept of Eco Mobility is not only addressing the issue of Co2 emissions. But, as many new urban initiatives, it encompass a series of values that are necessary to develop a new form of metropolitan life, which is inclusive in many aspects. Co-creation, social cohesion, re-use, circular and in general innovative. The world is witnessing to a new urban revolution, and eco-mobility is one of its most impressive agent of change.

The congress organized during the Eco Mobility World Festival, will present plenary and parallel sessions, workshops, mayors round tables, training courses and a marketplace.

Congress sessions will explore various innovative themes in EcoMobility and will feature international speakers and experts. Congress themes include regenerating old towns through EcoMobility; people-friendly public spaces; EcoMobility and innovation; institutional and financial solutions; intermodality; livable and happy communities; and low carbon cities. Speakers include:

  • Jason Chang, Professor at National Taiwan University
  • Robert Stüssi, Perform Energy
  • Erik Nyborg, General Manager of NordicCab
  • Heiner Monheim, Professor at University of Trier
  • Gil Penalosa, 8-80 Cities
  • Hiroki Nakamura, Kyushu University
  • Lloyd Wright, ADB
  • Bradley Shroeder, ADB
  • Manfred Breithaupt, GIZ
  • Professor Dr. Martin Haag, City of Freiburg
  • Mr. Wilfried Nünthel, District Councillor for Urban Development, Berlin-Lichtenberg
  • Carlosfelipe Pardo, Despacio
  • Naureen Kabir, New Cities Foundation

Relating to the theme, the sessions will concentrate on various aspects of EcoMobility such as: Intermodality, Regeneration of old towns through EcoMobility, Liveable Communities through EcoMobility, EcoMobility and Health, Financial instruments to realise EcoMobility, Innovation and EcoMobility, EcoMobility and Economy.


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