In April 2012, we worked on a research on local food transport in Amsterdam: the logic of food to think about new urban standards - CITIES' proposal to UPSCALE urban food streams

With the project FARMING THE CITY and thanks to the support of Rabobank Amsterdam (VOEDSELVERBINDT AMSTERDAM) together with ZTRDG, CITIES has researched into the logistics of food from the surrounding countryside to the city of Amsterdam. The research focuses on the Horeca sector (Hotel, Restaurants and Cafès) and the possibility to supply them with local food. Local food is good for taste and health, but what about the urban environment? If every local producer would transport products directly to the clients, how much additional pollution would be created due to this (un)sustainable process?
CITIES looks into alternatives and the possibility to use local food as a tool to define new urban transport standards. Monday the 23rd of April, during the final event of the Food Debate Series “it’s food. Stupid!” at the Roede Hoed, Amsterdam, we will show our elaboration on the subject. CITIES’ new LOGIC OF FOOD proposes to bundle local products’ streams and screams for a collaborative effort from sustainable transport companies. Local products are the hidden potential of a new local economy, less globally connected and less dependent on markets fluctuations.

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