Social, environmental and scientific experiment on how to grow mushrooms on coffee grounds and paper, how to use mushrooms to up-cycle urban waste and catalyze the local community. The trees are designed and produced by de Stuurlui Stedenbouw and Groundcondition

Sunday the 14th of October we spent our day in the garden of Tolhuistuin cooking paper and cardboard, crumbling mushroom mycelium, mixing coffee grounds and stuffing all of this into our brand new Mushroom Trees. The trees consist of paper, cardboard, or coffee grounds on which we experiment with growing different types of mushrooms. The trees are now exhibited at the Hyperion Lyceum, a new secondary school in Amsterdam Noord. During the coming three weeks students from Hyperion will watch the growth of our mushroom trees and experiment with growing their own mushrooms on different materials. For this project we are working together with de Stuurlui Stedenbouw and Groundcondition, who are known for other projects such as the Mushroom wall for which they won the Appetizing Architecture award.




After building up the trees made of plastic and working on clean urban waste, we organised a MUSHROOM TREES workshop for a group of students at the secondary school Hyperion Lyceum in Amsterdam North. The aim was to teach children how to reuse urban waste materials, such as paper, cardboard or coffee grounds, for the purpose of growing edible mushrooms. Teaching them everything they need to know about how to grow mushrooms, the children got the opportunity to experiment with growing different types of mushrooms in their very own class room.





Sunday the 11th of November we were finally ready to show the results to the public in the beautiful scenery of the Noorderparkkamer. Here we gave a presentation of the MUSHROOM TREES, where the visitors could experience a new way of growing mushrooms on urban waste materials such as coffee waste, paper and card board paper. It was a nice and sunny afternoon with many curious visitors wondering about this upcycling and innovating project. Our friends Bite Me, who recently opened up the PopUpLunchCafé at the Open Coöp, were also there creating new and tasty mushroom dishes. A lot of local residents from Amsterdam North showed up for the event and showed great enthusiasm for the activities taking place in the park. Settled in a really nice atmosphere at the Noorderpark we ended the day with a small outdoor party, live music, beer brewed from mushroom, roasting marshmallows and bread on sticks around the fire place and a children’s workshops.




The MUSHROOM TREES is funded by Stichting DOEN, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, the Hyperion Lyceum and Coffee Company

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