As Media Partner, FARMING THE CITY worked with the conference host on a report and covered the event with video interviews

In this 3 days event, decease we learned that innovative solutions in the future of urban agriculture will be mostly focused on closing material loops, discount enabling circular economic processes and developing collaborative practices. The future of our urban realms will be smarter, link but not only from a technological perspective. The lack of resources will bring to the reuse of the existing ones; alienating working processes will be replaced by collaborative productions, where the personal scape probably will merge with the professional one. By foreseeing a different future, we hope that many innovative approaches will be tested and implemented in several contexts and diversification, localization and “humanification” of the production will become the new shared values of industrial, agricultural and commercial processes.

The summit lasted 3 days. For an overview of the contents, please check our introductory note , and the reviews of day 1 , day 2 and .

For a quick glance at the best of the best, check our report

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