Check the progress of our advisory work to employ food as a tool for waterfront redevelopment in Norway

FARMING THE CITY’ team is working with Urban Sjøfront on the waterfront redevelopment of the radiant city of Stavanger, in Norway. Together with Asluag, the representative of Urban Sjøfront, we developed the concept of Edible Stavanger East , a strategy to use food as a tool for urban development. In February, we organized several workshops with locals that were interested in the subject. The results have been collected together in a vision, which received enough attention to be supported through a fund from the National Environmental Department.

On the 19th of June, Francesca will meet Aslaug again, and together they will work on developing the local version of the work carried on in the framework of Farming the City /Amsterdam. This phase signs the beginning of a new urban adventure, which will develop innovative ideas to rethink about the food cycle together with its social, environmental and economic benefits. Using the food cycle as a framework to develop urban innovation is the ultimate goal of this project and here at CITIES we are proud, happy and honored to be part of this amazing initiative.

Posted on 04 August 2013 and filed under Projects