FARMING THE CITY - FOOD AS A TOOL FOR TODAYS' URBANISATION is published by TrancityˣValiz and shows how food can play a pivotal role in the organization and development of our urban societies and how it can be used as a tool to approach the many challenges inherent in contemporary urban life from a human, locally-oriented perspective.


The book aims to trace a path towards a socially, culturally and economically resilient society; a place where inclusive, locally-oriented modes of production are not only possible, but preferable.  In order to clarify this, we have invited leading and inspiring thinkers and activists to write about the ways in which innovative food initiatives can contribute to our cities. Thirteen essays by artists, urbanists, policy thinkers, architects, activists and sociologists (a.o. Carolyn Steel, Kevin Morgan, Jennifer Sumner, Derek Denkla, Chris Berthelsen, Jared Braiterman, Jess Mantell and Jan-Willem van der Schans) are complemented by 100 pages of selected international projects, which we are convinced to be the most innovative and interesting ones.

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