Food Tour


This holiday season, we are happy to bring you exclusive opportunities for the Old Amsterdam Food Tour.

What was Amsterdam like before supermarkets? How did people feed themselves? And how did this food system translate into daily urban life?

Join the Old Amsterdam Food Tour for a guided walking tour through the historical city centre to learn answers to these historical questions, health while experiencing the present urban landscape and lifestyle alongside sites and tales of how the past has changed, viagra evolved and adapted to our modern food system. Along the way, physician you will also be treated with delightful tastings of food and drink.

We have two options featured below: Private and group tours.

Exclusive Holiday Private Tours for Two
In the holiday spirit, we thought it would be nice to offer private tours for two. For friends, loved ones or family, private one-hour walking tours will offer a fun, romantic, education, and tasty time in the historic centre of Amsterdam.

Including food and drink tastings, private tours for two are offered at a rate of €50. Additionally, we offer e-tickets that can be bought as presents for others, and we will schedule your private tour at a date and time of your convenience.

Holiday Private Tour Details:

  • Private tours for two
  • One-hour, on foot
  • Date and time of your convenience
  • €50, including food and drink tastings
  • Available as e-ticket, printable gifts
  • Extending into January

Holiday Group Tours

Experience the tastes and transformations of Amsterdam as group this holiday season – with friends, colleagues and/or family. Here is the scoop:

  • Two-hour walking tour
  • Groups of 8 – 15 people (pre-formed groups only)
  • Date and time of your convenience
  • €30 per person, including food and drink tastings
  • Extending into January


We love these tours, and think you will, too. If interested, please contact foodtour(at) for more information or to register.

Happy holidays.

Posted on 03 December 2013 and filed under Projects