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Learn about some of Farming the City’s recent and current footsteps in Amsterdam’s urban food landscape – full of maps, ingredients, kids, crafts, tradition, film and fun! Also, join TONIGHT’S EVENT featuring the Old Amsterdam Crafts Tour in De Brakke Grond and Droog’s kick-off ceremony of their exhibition ‘Labor of the Day’.

TONIGHT: Crafts of the Past Meet ‘Labor of the Day’ to Innovate Tomorrow
The Flemish Culture House and Café, De Brakke Grond, together with Droog, have organised a month focused on the theme of labor. To celebrate and explore this theme, their ‘Labor of the Day’ exhibition will run from tonight through the 4th of May, seeking to answer the question: Will tomorrow work like today? The question penetrates the continual research, design and innovation changing the way we live and work both locally and globally. While the exhibition focuses on exploring the innovation of the future of work through futurist visions and critical, curious and creative contemplations, CITIES has organised an event in collaboration with the exhibition that links a perspective of crafts of the past with exploring today and innovating tomorrow.

For tonight’s opening, Wednesday April 2nd from 17h00-20h00, you are invited to join as CITIES kicks off the exhibition with an introduction to the Old Amsterdam Crafts Tour. Starting in De Brakke Grond and touring to and from Droog, this instalment of the Old Amsterdam Crafts Tour allows you to literally pick up the thread seaming the two locations together as you are guided through a tour of past and present forms of work.

Tours depart from De Brakke Grond to Droog at 17h30 and 18h30, and from Droog to De Brakke Grond at 18h00 and 19h00. Tours will feature insight into, for instance, the peat trade and textile industry of the 16th and 17th century in Amsterdam. To round off the evening, there will be a talk at Droog at 20h30, where artists and designers featured in the exhibition will talk about there work.

Like to join? Visit the Facebook event and read more about details on the program page here.

You can find out more about the four future Old Amsterdam Crafts Tours and find links to reserve tickets by following this link.

Old Amsterdam Food Tour: Kids Edition
Each Monday for three weeks, Anke de Vrieze of Farming the City involved local school children in the learning and spirit of food and food traditions. The first week, the children had an introductory lesson to prep their minds and taste buds for more to come. The second week, the children were equipped with maps and taken on a mini-tour through the city center, immersing their senses and engaging their minds in Amsterdam’s food culture.

Last Monday, an interactive workshop marked the end of the OAFT Kids Edition. Smaak te Pakken, who focuses on linking youth with education about real food and the environment, was invited to teach the kids on food in the Golden Age. First, the kids drew maps of the world and learned where ingredients such as cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, pepper, salt, coffee, tea, tomatoes and potatoes originate from. Connecting to home, they also learned about foods originating in the Netherlands, such as oats and rye. Following, the kids split into two groups. One group made a poor man’s recipe based on original (mostly) Dutch ingredients: oatmeal porridge with raisins and dried prunes. The other group mixed together spices for ‘speculaas’ (traditional Dutch biscuit) and made rich man’s treat: biscuits with sugar and ‘speculaas’ spices. Before tasting the result of their work, the kids presented to each other what they had learned about the different ingredients. As for the tasting, the biscuits were by far the most popular!

Find photos of the workshop below!

The Food Film Festival
Friday through Sunday, May 9-11, the Food Film Festival will be underway in Amsterdam. With a packed program and food-related workshops, events, food, films and fun, Anke de Vrieze of Farming the City will be on the scene to present a Q&A after the screening of Growing Cities (more on film, trailer and event information here). The screening of Growing Cities, we think, will be exceptionally interesting in Amsterdam because the film is focused on American cities, which differ in significant ways when it comes to urban agriculture. Most centrally, large American cities are often more distanced and separated from fertile countryside, so large-scale urban agricultural installments are initiated within city limits. In Amsterdam, we see a different context, where agriculture within the city has its place, but is not so developed it feasibly feeds significant numbers of urban inhabitants. Instead, the urban agricultural movement in a compact city like Amsterdam benefits from the geographic adjacency to lush regional growing operations. Therefore, CITIES’ initiative such as Farming the City and Foodlogica are working with an impassioned effort to integrate regional agricultural operations, just outside the city limits, with businesses, consumers and food activists within Amsterdam’s urban food landscape. We look forward to touching on these issues in the Q&A.

For the English Food Film Festival website, program and more, visit this link. We hope to see you there!

Photos from the Old Amsterdam Food Tour Kids Edition Workshop with Smaak te Pakken














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