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FOODLOGICA Begins Local Food Deliveries with Electric Bike

June 2014 FOODLOGICA's local food delivery by electric bicycle becomes a reality in Amsterdam. Learn more here.


Local food is alive in Amsterdam. As this localized, health sustainable approach to quality food expands, food transportation remains dominated by gas guzzling autos. FOODLOGICA loses the loop by cleaning the last ‘food mile’ of Amsterdam’s local system. Providing a clean logistic service using special-made electric cargo bikes, FOODLOGICA links local food, consumers and businesses in Amsterdam’s city center through transport that reduces pollution, congestion and energy use. Clients of FOODLOGICA’s services are diverse, suiting local businesses such as food shops, small-scale food producers, chefs, restaurants, and other food related local actors in Amsterdam’s innovative, bike-friendly city.

Starting June 2014, we have one electric cargo bike making weekly deliveries to three local businesses: Van Boer tot Bord, beebox and Juice and Salad Café. During this stage, we are planning routes and testing the bike’s functionality, working closely with a bike mechanic in order to optimize the performance of future bikes, and in turn, optimize smooth and timely deliveries to clients.

In September, FOODLOGICA will expand with more bikes, more businesses, more food sustainably transported: no emissions, no congestion, no pollution.

As we accelerate the growth of FOODLOGICA, we are also creating a new graphic identity and redesigning FOODLOGICA’s website.

Like cycling and food? At the moment, we are hiring part-time bike delivery drivers. Find out more here.

Juice and Salad delivery

foodlogica bike on ferry

foodlogica bike ferry

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Posted on 23 June 2014 and filed under Projects

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