Food Mash 17 August final

Final FoodMash! August 17

FoodMash is a series of meetups for people committed to a sustainable local food system in Amsterdam. We are excited to announce the fourth and final event, taking place Sunday, August 17th, from 14:30 - 18:00 at OpenCOOP.

The purpose of FoodMash is to build relationships between people working towards sustainable food systems in and around Amsterdam. The series of meetups started November 2013 at OpenCOOP. Now, we are excited to announce the fourth and final FoodMash, taking place Sunday, August 17th, from 14:30 – 18:00!

FoodMash #4 will take place where it all started – at the new and improved OpenCOOP canteen, which is based on a cooperation between the building’s coffee-roastery by Kees Kraakman, the building’s kitchen by BiteMe, supplied by an urban mini-farm by Cityplot and an in-house FoodCOOP.

The final FoodMash also celebrates the opening of Cityplot’s new garden at the OpenCOOP. Cityplot encourages city dwellers to grow their own food, demonstrating how it is possible to provide healthy and sustainable alternatives to the global food system.

The event will kick-off with a short welcome, followed by an hour of parallel discussion groups around the following topics:

  • Growing and maintaining a healthy Amsterdam food network
  • Lessons from Food Co-ops and Producer / consumer relationships
  • Methods and tools for sustaining different types of urban farms, as well as the city’s role in supporting initiatives with different goals

At 16:00, there will be some healthy snacks and a thank you for participants. The rest of the afternoon will open up into a small food festival where you can learn about worm composting, try out mushroom production, craft seed bombs, and make some garden snacks.

The event is free and there is no sign-up! But please RSVP on the Facebook FoodMash event page if you plan to come!

Hope to see you there!


BiteMe, Cityplot, Metabolic, and Farming the City

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