Urban Agriculture Exchange With Visitors From Malmo, Sweden

Farming the City welcomed an urban agriculture group from Malmo, Sweden November 28th, leading them on a guided tour in Amsterdam to exchange urban agricultural knowledge.

Cities have much to learn from each other, cure as diverse initiatives and innovative implementation strategies generate specific lessons, and outline what works and what doesn’t. Knowledge exchange in this field is therefore paramount to successful growth. Take, for example, C.R.A.F.T., the Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training popular in the US and Canada that organizes frequent regional farmer knowledge exchange sessions in order to learn from diverse scenarios, environments, methods, etc. to see what applies where and create beneficial learning for all to apply in practice.

The City of Malmo and Amsterdam came together for a full-day urban agriculture knowledge exchange on Friday November 28th, when Farming the City hosted a group from Malmo, Sweden on a tour examining different food-driven urban projects in Amsterdam. The group consisted of people from the Municipality of Malmo, local NGOs, a housing corporation and Malmo University. Specifically, they were interested in learning about the organizational structure of urban agriculture projects and the different models of management and facilitation. (Photos follow text.)


We started the morning at CITIES’ office, for a presentation about CITIES and FARMING THE CITY. After, we took an inside look at sustainable logistics, going to the Amsterdam Food Center, where CITIES’ new business FOODLOGICA has a base station of electric trikes in their shipping-container-turned-solar-powered-garage.

Following, we visited the urban farming project Noord Oogst, located a short ferry ride from central Amsterdam, in Amsterdam North (Noord in Dutch). Noord Oogst is on the grounds of a former sports park, hosting a childcare facility, a brewery and a flock of the sweetest pigs you can imagine! The Swedish group got a welcoming introduction in Swedish, by Elin Karlsson, the childcare facility initiator. New entrepreneurs, such as a baker, fruit grower and bed and breakfast will also get up and running in 2015.

Moving on, we went to see Oost-Indisch Groen, an urban agricultural project in Amsterdam East (Oost in Dutch) that facilitates several community gardens in the neighbourhood. We visited their main hub, with its small communal garden and fantastic outdoor community kitchen.

Our last stop was at Pakhuis de Zwijger, where we had a nice lunch at their café/restaurant. After lunch, Luca Brody (CITIES), who recently finished her master thesis on urban gardens in Amsterdam, presented her research findings and showed a typology of gardens, initiated or maintained by a variety of stakeholders. Topics discussed included:

-       Levels of community involvement
-       Accessibility
-       Management

Thank you Annette Larsson and others for the inspiring exchange; we look forward to continue collaborating with you in the future!

Are you interested in learning more about FARMING THE CITY and/or urban agriculture in Amsterdam, please contact anke@farmingthecity.net.
















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