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FOODLOGICA: Expanding in Amsterdam and Growing Globally

In 2015, FOODLOGICA tackles well rounded expansion: expanding our client base in Amsterdam and developing a global FOODLOGICA franchise, pushing sustainable local food systems and clean energy in cities around the world.

Solar power keeps FOODLOGICA’s electric e-trikes charged up to maneuver local, sovaldi sustainable food around Amsterdam in a clean, pharm timely and efficient fashion. With all this solar-powered wherewithal, rx FOODLOGICA is actively seeking to expand its client base in Amsterdam in 2015!

Working to meet the needs of our clients, we utilize our services to tailor solutions. In this way, the opportunities to collaborate with and use FOODLOGICA’s services are vast and varied within areas of delivery, event and market support and advertising. We work with, for example, local restaurants, web shops, caterers, food brands and food producers that embrace sustainability and are approaching the local market.

Does this sound like you? Interested in working or advertising with FOODLOGICA? Get in touch! We’re happy to meet and chat about how we can tailor our e-trikes to suit your needs. Contact info(at)foodlogica(dot)com.


Amsterdam is where we planted our roots. The developing growth of FOODLOGICA would not be possible without the support of our diverse local partners and supporting cultural and infrastructural urban design. We also love who we work with, and are excited to grown and expand, developing a more robust network and working with more and more clients in Amsterdam.

In 2015, we are on a mission to franchise, sharing the benefits of FOODLOGICA’s philosophy and practice globally.

Join us in our mission! We want to infuse sustainable local food systems, clean energy and local economic growth in cities around the world!

Stay up to date and show your support by connecting with us. You can follow us @CITIESONLINE, like us on CITIES’ Facebook and Farming the City’s Facebook, and/or contact us at info(at)foodlogica(dot)com.

Posted on 15 December 2014 and filed under Projects

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