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FOODLOGICA to Present at Expo Gate, Expo Milano 2015

FOODLOGICA is honored to give a talk at Expo Milano 2015’s introductory Expo Gate in Milan January 2nd, titled “Farming the City: Agriculture Enters the City” on the relationship between agriculture and cities.

Expo Milano 2015’s central theme is “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. Located at the Via Beltrami in the beautiful, historic center of Milan, Expo Gate will interpret Expo Milano 2015’s theme, bridging the city with the Exhibition Site and theme, as the city bridges and shares with the world.

Consisting of two impressive, modular and transparent buildings designed for minimal environmental impact, the Expo Gate welcomes all to explore, meet, learn and share among an array of presentations, talks, Slow Food taste workshops, product markets, and a cooking market by PArC.

On the 2nd of January, Francesca Miazzo, founder of CITIES, Farming the City and FOODLOGICA, will join Marco Porcaro and Paul Camozzi of Cortilia to give a talk titled Farming the City: Agriculture Enters the City. Targeted at citizens in an informal, engaging manner, the talk will address the relationship between agriculture and cities in an effort to bring people closer to sustainable food systems and local agriculture in Milan and beyond.

Will you be in Milan? Don’t miss this event, where you will also find everything you need to know, programs and ticketing for Expo Milano 2015.

(Image from Expo Milano 2015′s Expo Gate web page.)

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