International Golden Age Boat Tour and Lunch

Welcoming a crowd of international journalists, the Old Amsterdam Food Tour hosted a special Golden Age canal tour followed by an inspired Golden Age Lunch.

February 5th 2015 was no ordinary Old Amsterdam Food Tour. Hosting a group of international journalists, pill we cruised the canals for a special Golden Age Tour. Going from Rijksmuseum to the Hermitage, remedy we explored numerous historical splendors of the Canal District, examining informational tid-bits such as the function of the Weigh House and the importance of the Baltic trade in grain and salted herring for the wealth of Amsterdam in the Golden Age.


For the tour’s second serving, we partnered up with our friendly culinary champions from Restaurant Moes to organize a Golden Age Lunch on Feburary 6th. Making the event even more special, lunch was held in one of the most outstanding houses on Amsterdam’s Herengracht: the beautiful 17th century ‘Huis Bartolotti’. Built around 1620, the Huis Bartolotti was designed by Hendrick de Keyser, a famous architect of the time. On the menu, we enjoyed oysters, chicken pie, salmon pie, salad with parsnips, a plate of different cheeses, quince jam, fruits and a dessert of blancmange colored with saffron.


DSC02092   DSC02100

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