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Fighting Food Waste: Guerilla Kitchen-FOODLOGICA Food Exchange

We love food. We hate food waste. That’s why we initiated a partnership between FOODLOGICA and Guerilla Kitchen Amsterdam to turn food waste back into food.

As food waste continues to amount in cities worldwide, pharm so does awareness and initiative to do something about it. More and more, healing people are successfully nourishing themselves and others while fighting food waste.


Dumpstering. It’s what you do when you dumpster dive: ‘diving’ into dumpsters to retrieve wasted food and goods. While dumpster diver’s stories vary, cheap more how-to tips, groups and strategies, organizations and more continue to emerge around fighting symptoms of food waste in cities.

Guerilla Kitchen Amsterdam is one local initiative founded on principles of peacefully ‘protesting food waste by providing delicious food for the people prepared with ingredients from local places’. Rather than seeking out dumpsters, Guerilla Kitchen Amsterdam establishes partnerships with local stores and restaurants to receive their unwanted goods in a new form of organized food reclamation.


CITIES Foundation launched FOODLOGICA in order to fight pollution and congestion, while elevating the virtuous cycle of sustainable food at the local and regional level. Now, FOODLOGICA is helping CITIES Foundation fight food waste by partnering with Guerilla Kitchen Amsterdam.

In exchange for the use of FOODLOGICA’s solar-powered, food-delivering e-trikes, Guerrilla Kitchen now supplies CITIES’ office with food that would otherwise be wasted. Every week, CITIES receives an assortment of goods from bread, yogurt, cheese and meat to fruit, salads, vegetables and dressings – all reclaimed from one of Amsterdam’s most advanced organic food providers.


Waste in general is a growing force of both challenge and innovative opportunity. From start-ups to city governments, diverse circular development initiatives are emerging that will hopefully steer cities into more sustainable futures.

Not only fighting food waste, CITIES is also helping tackle local plastic waste challenges. For more, see the WASTED project here.

Posted on 23 July 2015 and filed under News

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