We are honored to announce that FOODLOGICA was awarded the sustainability prize in the field of food at the 17th Duurzame Dinsdag event.

Participation, try knowledge sharing and working together are key to advancing sustainability from a local to global scale. Zooming in on the national level, store Duurzame Dinsdag (Sustainable Tuesday) selects innovative Dutch sustainability initiatives and presents them to the government. This year Duurzame Dinsdag also awards initiatives and individuals particularly seeking to promote a more sustainable society. The ‘Sustainability Award’ is the only national recognition in the sustainability field.

Greater goals surround a vision of harnessing the force of emerging and established initiatives big and small in order to jointly realize a stronger, more durable nation through burgeoning social innovation.

FOODLOGICAwas nominated for a prize in the 17th Duurzame Dinsdag, held September 1st 2015. Wilma Mansveld from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment introduced the day’s ‘briefcase’, featuring over 250 initiatives. The jury would pick prizes for the most innovative proposals that promote, or are promoting, Dutch national sustainability.

Chairman of the jury Maurits Groen, of Waka Waka, presented the day’s winners at the Old Hall of the House of Representatives in The Hague. We are honored to announce that FOODLOGICA won the sustainability prize in the field of food, with a cash prize awarded by Lidl. Prizes are intended to support the implementation and operations of initiatives, as well as to bring more visibility.

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