PINCH Dumplings – a New Foodlogica’s friend!

An interview with Megan Vasko, the founder of PINCH-SUM.

FOODLOGICA has an extensive network of clients and friends. It is so large that it is hard to keep track. That’s why we are starting the interview series with our clients! Let us introduce you the first interviewee – PINCH-SUM, it’s an Amsterdam-based dumplings paradise that has introduced revolutionary tastes made with love for loved people. Just few weeks ago Pinch-Sum became Foodlogica’s friend and we invited Megan Vasko, the master of dumplings, to share her experiences with you!



So, tell us what is Pinch Sum? 

Pinch is a fusion dumpling business based in Amsterdam!

Why did you start this adventure?

I’ve always been interested in food and I am actually a licensed dietician! After university I ended up a project manager at a bank but was always aching to get back into the food world. Pinch was an idea I had in my head for many years and in 2015 I finally decided to give it a go! I left my banking job in April 2016 and have been ‘pinching’ full time ever since!

What is so special about your dumplings?

Our dumplings are special in a few ways. First: the big, bold flavors – If we can put it in a dumpling, we will! Inspiration is taken from all over the globe, from the chipotle peppers of Mexico to the truffles of Italy. Second: locally sourced, locally made. Many of the dumpling options available are shipped from distant locations and are filled with ingredients/preservatives that don’t meet our standards. We use Dutch meat and veg whenever possible! Third: social impact – We have a long term goal to be a successful social enterprise and reinvest a portion of Pinch’s profits into community development programmes.

What are your plans for the future?

See above for long term plans, but in the short term we will be doing a month-long pop-up at Conscious Hotels doing all organic dumplings and bites from March 15 – April 15!

Why do you want to use Foodlogica?

I love the sustainability ethos of Foodlogica. It’s great to partner with people & businesses that share the same values!



Do you want to taste something different? Hurry up! From festivals to supermarkets Pinch dumplings are available in 20 retail locations across the Netherlands! PINCH also hosts pop-up dinners or private events, as well as sells out dumpling in the markets, and wine & beer pairings. 


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