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FOODLOGICA has a new Operations Manager

Meet Marieke, FOODLOGICA's new operations manager

We are very happy to introduce you to FOODLOGICA’s new operations manager Marieke. Marieke joins us from The Dutch Weed Burger where she has been working for the last three years. Marieke has a wealth of experience in operations management and has an in depth understanding of the food culture and hospitality industry in Amsterdam.


Marieke spent most of last week riding with our drivers and making deliveries in the rain, wind and sunshine. The purpose of this was to allow Marieke to familiarise herself with the day to day experience of the drivers she will be managing. It was also a great opportunity to meet some of our drivers and clients.


Marieke will be in charge of client relations. This means maintaining the positive relationship we enjoy with our current clients while also introducing FOODLOGICA to new potential clients and building on our current client base.


Marieke is a native to the Netherlands. She is happy to be working for a company with the guiding ethics and principles that FOODLOGICA has. Marieke is also excited for the added perk that she can bring her dog to work.


We are very happy to welcome Marieke into the FOODLOGICA family.


Posted on 08 May 2018 and filed under News

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