We welcome Patrick, the Chief Operating Officer

It has been a while since we spent time with some of the FOODLOGICA's team members. We exchanged experiences and future expectations for FOODLOGICA. Now, we would like to welcome Patrick Schreuder, the new Chief Operating Officer.




Do you live in Amsterdam? If so, how the city metabolize your life?

No, I live in Haarlem, which is sort of Amsterdam-lite…


Do you have previous experiences working in the transport or logistics sector?

Yes, I have worked at CB Logistics, one of the bigger logistics companies in The Netherlands


What did encourage you to decide to work for a sustainable company, as FOODLOGICA?

The impact we can have in the city. More FOODLOGICA means a better city!


How is to work at a company like FOODLOGICA? Explain to us what makes the difference between your previous jobs and FOODLOGICA.

Before working at FOODLOGICA I worked at The Food Line-up a start-up in sustainable catering, so I’m used to small, fast-growing companies. The difference here is that we can have a bigger impact and do more for the environment.


As a chief of operations, what kind of tasks are you handling daily?

I’m responsible for the primary process. This means I spend a lot of time with our team working on ways to improve our processes. This could be anything from how we plan routes, to food safety, to our service levels.


What do you think FOODLOGICA brings to the urban development of the city?

A way for companies to have a sustainable solution for their last mile logistics that also works for them financially. The best of both world!


Have you changed your habits, regarding sustainability, since you work for FOODLOGICA?

I now bike even more than I used to…


How do you see the city of Amsterdam in a few years change in terms of transport system?

Cities, in general, will be stricter in who they allow into their city centers. This will mean fewer trucks and vans and more alternative solutions. Like FOODLOGICA.


FOODLOGICA is currently looking for new drivers to join the team. For more information on the role United healthcare tretinoin.









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