Amsterdam University College Student Garden


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Amsterdam University College Student Garden


The Amsterdam University College Student Garden has been initiated by a group of students of the Amsterdam University College (AUC). The garden is located in the courtyard of the students’ housing. The area was left unused and soil was mostly sand. We brought in dark soil to make garden beds, in which we grow vegetables and herbs. We also have chickens that provide fertilizer for the garden. Our aims are to grow local food, learn about how our food grows, learn about gardening techniques, and provide a space for community building among students on campus. There is a core group of 5 students, and in total about 15 students help regularly with watering, building recycled material greenhouses, weeding, feeding chickens, or sowing seeds. In the end of the year we are organizing a vegetable BBQ for the students of the university college to raise awareness about problems in food production and celebrate the garden. All the students participating in the project are volunteers.


The project takes shape in the courtyard of the student housing of the Amsterdam University College in Science Park, in the east of Amsterdam.


The project focuses on the production of vegetables, beans, edible plants, herbs and eggs. We use organic growing techniques and we distribute our products to students who help in the garden.


In the development of the project, the most difficult things to organize were the watering system and the motivation of students. In addition to that, we are concerned that the soil is contaminated. We did not secure political support. During the implementation, we did not face any regulatory barriers.

From the economic point of view, the project relies on financial support from the Amsterdam University College Student Association. In order to develop, we will need maintenance, knowledge on fertilization and growing techniques, and soil toxicity information.




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