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An independent group has initiated the project.

In brief, decease De Stuurlui stedenbouw has build, in cooperation with Atelier Gras, the project EETHUIS (Eathouse). EATHOUSE has won the first prize in the GardenFestival 2010 of Appeltern. With EATHOUSE we want to show that growing your own crops is possible for everyone, everywhere. A house and garden to eat, that you are able to touch, smell, taste, seed, weed, and harvest! EATHOUSE is a house in a garden that attracts visitors with delicious vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers. We want to seduce people and make them taste the edible garden and the edible house. EATHOUSE has a temporary character; it lasts a summer season. This is why all the materials used in EATHOUSE can be re-used for a new season of EATHOUSE at a different spot. EATHOUSE consists of a modular system of plain plastic crates, in combination with a scaffold structure. These crates are used in the agricultural industry to harvest, transport and exhibit fruit and vegetables in combination with a scaffold system. With this system vertical green becomes accessible for everyone; you can make your own vegetable garden on the wall of your balcony or on the roof of your garden shed!

The project “EETHUIS” is developed by Marijke Bruinsma with less than 10 people, of which less than 50% being volunteers.



The project was part of the GardenFestival 2010.



The project focuses on the development of innovative approaches to urban food/farming related issues.

In particular, attention is paid to re-adaptation of the urban environment to grow food, system that allows edible green to grow vertically.

In order to fully function, the project should work at the neighbourhood level.




In the development of the project, we had no specific implementation problems. We did not secure political support.

During the implementation, we did not face any regulatory barriers.

From the economic point of view, the project is totally sustainable. In particular, we benefit from private funds, such as sponsorship.

In order to develop, we will need premises/land and funding.



In conclusion, at this moment, we are exploring the possibilities of re-doing EATHOUSE in a different way and preferably in the city. We think that EATHOUSE can make a very good contribution to urban farming, especially in more dense areas. If you have a good idea of a possible site for a new EATHOUSE, please contact Marijke Bruinsma (

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